Go Medina Kick-off Meeting 

At GoMedinaCounty.com, we’re taking a bold approach in creating new business opportunities for companies to expand, grow and relocate within Medina County.

From our access to national and international market places, to our unique location and entry into key transportation hubs, and to our business-friendly tax policies and trained workforce, Medina County will give your business the edge when it comes to fostering investment, innovation, and long-term growth opportunities.

We’ll partner with you and provide the help and resources to enable your business to grow and succeed, including financial assistance, workforce training programs, site locations and permitting/licensing assistance.

Why Medina County?

Access to national and global markets

With strategic access to key roads, railways and airports, Medina County has a robust transportation infrastructure to support business growth and is uniquely positioned to ship and deliver products to US and global markets in a single day.

Central location

Medina County is located 30 miles west of San Antonio, with strategic highway, rail and air access. U.S. Highway 90 provides quick access to Interstate 35 to Austin and Dallas to the north and Mexico to the South. Interstate 10 provides a direct route to Houston and also provides access to the northwest part of the state. The Union Pacific (UP) Railroad is located along Highway 90 with service by both UP and Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) with Hondo Railway providing local rail operation. The South Texas Regional Airport is a city-owned general aviation airport with four runways (the longest measuring 6,002 feet), a 400,000 square-foot apron space and more than 1,600 acres for development.

Business-friendly tax climate

Medina County can offer prospective businesses significant state and local incentives and tax relief, including tax credits that reduce the tax burden on manufacturers and give businesses a leg up on their competition. These incentives are designed to offset upfront costs of your investment and help you focus on growth and development.

Skilled and motivated workforce

With significant dollars invested in workforce training and development, Medina County is preparing residents and providing them with the necessary skills to become experts in their respective fields. Our workforce continues to improve through partnerships with local schools and technical institutions to better tailor the workforce to fit the needs of your business.



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Featured Business

Name: commZoom®
Location: 2438 Boardwalk, San Antonio, TX 78217
Phone: (844) 858-8500
Number of Employees: 20


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Why is Medina County a good place for your business?

Medina County is growing and the towns need proper broadband infrastructure and speed to maintain, facilitate and ultimately increase that growth. People know that Internet capacity is arguably one of the most important economic resources of this century. The county and commZoom have a commitment to providing the bandwidth to impact digital learning, which positively transforms education at school and home, economic growth, improvements in telemedicine capabilities and overall quality of life.

What is your favorite thing about having a location in Medina County?

Everything about Medina County says “growth”, which is perfect for our new and growing startup company. We have said since our launch that we’re looking forward to being an asset for the communities within Medina County.

We are excited that the towns served within the County are able to say that they have the proper broadband infrastructure to serve the needs of current residents and businesses now and well into the future with our hybrid fiber infrastructure. It’s great to work with county and city officials as an additional resource to attract new businesses and workers who add to the vibrancy of the communities.

Our headquarters are in San Antonio, but we have technical facilities in Hondo, Natalia/Devine and soon in Castroville. With several members of our field personnel located in Medina County, we are truly a local provider with fast access to commercial and residential customers for support and fast installations. commZoom is proud to be a local provider and partner in economic development, educational growth and quality of life and ready to continue earning that trust each and every day on the job. Our towns served in Medina County are ready for the future – from the perspective of Internet bandwidth – like they’ve never been before.

Do you feel that Medina County offers enough resources for your business to succeed?

Yes. Much of what we do is adding resources to the communities within the county. We think of it as helping to build infrastructure. But it takes a collaborative effort and support. While we’ve only offered service for just over a year, the county has broadly embraced and supported our efforts and made us feel right at home. Our growth in that short time is emblematic of that sentiment. We feel this attitude is contagious and one that prospective businesses will feel as they look to Medina County as an option.

How long have you been in business?

commZoom has been in business for just over two years.

Tell us a fun fact or something people might not know about commZoom?

We bet you didn’t know that four public libraries in Medina County power their Internet service with high speed data from commZoom – Driscoll Public Library in Devine, Veteran’s Memorial Library in Natalia, Castroville Public Library and the Hondo Public Library.

About Us

GoMedinaCounty.com is a community partnership that seeks to
promote economic development in Medina County, Texas.

– Our Vision-

GoMedinaCounty will facilitate a competitive economic development philosophy that promotes opportunities for commercial and industrial development that enable prospective companies to benefit from the County’s sound economy, available workforce, committed local governments and unparalleled living and working environments.

– Our Mission –

To promote economic growth in Medina County through the attraction of new business and industry by identifying resources (state, regional and local) that enhance economic development and the general economic well being of the County, its businesses and residents.